Month: December 2016

EVE_NT Cup – An EVESports intro

In the last few months, I have been hooked on watching the tournaments from both CCP and the community. The CCP tournaments are nothing new, Alliance Tournament is firmly established and organised directly by CCP from your in-game alliance. The recent addition of the Thunderdome server has opened up the opportunity for player-organised events. EVE-NT Championship has just finished their 2016 seasons and if you ever wanted in on the action now is your chance.

The EVE-NT Cup – Knock-out Tournament

This will be a 2-day tournament that will act as qualifying for joining the EVE-NT Championship Minor League 2017 Spring Season.

Only the top few slots will be offered a place in the league table, and this tournament is a first come first served basis, capped at 64 teams. The Tournament takes place over the weekend of 21-22nd January 2017, and the sign-up deadline is 7th January.

There is an entry fee for each team that will be used to generate a prize pool for the tournament, which is 5 plex per team. Your team captain will be the main point of contact and they must also complete the sign-up form on the EVE-NT website. You can read the full details and apply here:

Building an EVEsports team

Teams are only restricted in size, 8 minimum / 15 players max, which makes the 5 plex entry fee’s quite small. You are also not restricted to a corp or alliance, you must simply have an Omega grade clone on Tranquility, and not already be on a team roster in the Championship. So you can share this news with anyone of your friends in EVE, any low sec groups you roam with, current corp or past. Become a captain, form a team.

You will need to know the Championship rules and settings – and the time commitment you are signing your team up for should you win this tournament, or rank high enough to be seeded into the next season’s Minor League. The roster size allows flexibility so not every player has to be able to commit to the scheduled match dates up-front.

What you are up against

The entire EVE-NT Championship 2016 season has been reported in various places, from the EVE-NT website, Reddit, Youtube, and streamed on Twitch. There is a metric fuck-tonne of work that goes into the championship series, with countless hours of support and volunteering from many people. Players registered and on rosters alone is currently 167, over 12 teams.

If you would like to check out the Championship Major and Minor League stats – all of the matches have been compiled here

The Arena includes videos of all matches, rosters of participating players, and their individual win ratios. Good luck captains.

EVE_NT Cup Announcement

Hi eveSports fans!

Have you been an EVE_NT Championship spectator and felt you could do just as well as those teams? Fancy a hand at being a team captain yourself? Well we have the opportunity for you! We would like to announce the first EVE_NT Cup!

EVE_NT Cup will run on the weekend of January 21-22nd 2017. This will be a first-come first serve cup with a maximum of 32 places which will determine which teams will be offered spots in our EVE_NT Championship Minor league.

To apply you will need to register a minimum of 8 players, maximum of 15. Each player must have an active TQ omega account and cannot have signed up for another team in the Championship (CCP will verify). To enter the EVE_NT Cup team captains must pay a deposit of 3 plex (to ensure attendance) plus an additional two (so 5 in total) which will be used as prizes for the top teams. The top 6 teams of the Cup will be offered a place in the Minor League season, so as well as making yourself available for the cup you must also have the following dates clear in your calendar – Feb 5th, Feb 19th, March 5th & March 19th.

The prizes for the Cup will be determined by the size of the prize pool, the current plan is to award prizes to the top 8 teams. Rules and fittings for the cup will be the same as rules for Season 2 of the Championship and announced no later than one week before the tournament (the format will be very similar).

To sign up to the EVE_NT Cup fill out this form here.

Deadline for sign-ups is the January 7th. You do not need to pay the deposit until instructed.