Season 2 Fitting Notes

For Season 2 of EVE_NT Championship & Cup we have shaken things up a bit. Based on team captain feedback and our own assessments we have mixed the ship fittings up to keep them interesting and balance things up a little – you can find the new set here. The first thing to note is two changes to the rules I used to fit ships.

  1. Frigates and Destroyers now have T2 rigs. Had to think long and hard about this one as wanted to avoid mixing rules between classes but I think this one works. It adds 10-20% EHP in many cases with T2 trimarks and shield extenders, and a few ships benefit from T2 fitting rigs. It brings the power level of the classes up slightly without resorting to something more drastic like going to T2 hulls.
  2. Added links to the Combat Battlecruisers. No brainer really, the new links are great. We decided AGAINST fleet implants. With maximum all Level 5 skills you already get quite a lot from a T2 link and I feel with the implants they will be an even more powerful ban magnet than they probably will be.

Anyway now for some notes on the classes…


In Season One there were 4 popular frigates with good reasons. Punisher for its insane tank, Tristan for its logi-bot assistance, Vigil for its excellent support ability and Merlin again for its tank. To be honest I don’t expect much to change as these are just naturally useful frigates.

Some changes that might interest you tho – one ship of each race have afterburners. This may or may not be trash, but those hulls weren’t doing anything interesting anyway, and signature tanking VS some opponents might come in useful. Additionally one of each race now has a remote tracking link on them. I’m still not sure if this will make them viable, but I can see some funky combos where boosting certain battleships with tracking might be quite broken, will see how it plays out! The Griffin has a buff directly benefiting what the Red meta of season one was. I’m sure you can see what it is. The Crucifer and Maulus have also had buffs, 3 damps on the Maulus and Two Guidance disruptors makes them more focused in their role, the frigate pick being first means that these are easily countered, but again against some opponents you might want to pick these to screw them away from their comfort zone or force them into a corner with bans.

Oh and the Punisher has had a nerf, but now has more DPS. Sorry.


Destroyers are definitely the problem child of this format, and try as I could some are still going to not really be used often. One of things I have done to make the Catalyst and Cormorant slightly useful is giving them a RESEBO. This makes them possibly a good counter pick against Maulus/Griffin.
The dragoon fit i’m finally happy with, mostly and have decided this will no longer be an EWAR pick. This might make it far and away the strongest ship in its class, but what the hell. In general the T2 rigs give destroyers that little more EHP giving them maybe another few seconds alive in the arena. Put your best pilots in these to make best use of them.


The class that has changed the least. In general just little tweaks here and there. Rupture is now artillery (which opens up some interesting all-alpha setups). Thorax is no longer hull. Bye-bye hull tanking. Watch out for those EWAR cruisers folks, the EWAR link is a powerful thing!


Have not really changed that much except the addition of links. The extra PG/CPU needed by the links means some combat battlecruisers are slightly squishier, but i think the trade-off for a link is worth it. There are two links of each type. Before you ask, no, I’m not changing Drake to shield, it would be broken.

Some minor tweaks to Tornado and Talos have taken place. Brutix is now armour, so maybe blasters can come back in style. Oracle has had the nerfbat hardest by removing its tracking computer, because maybe it would be nice if other things were picked/banned once in awhile.


Some pretty radical changes to this class. As cornerstones of the setups it’s really important to get them right and I could have played safe and not really changed anything but V0lta screwed up the Typhoon pick so bad it made me cry so I just HAD to buff it. This has a knock-on effect on other things. The fit I have gone with is nowhere near as strong as it could be and I get that, but i’m erring on the side of caution by giving it next to no tank and no damage application mods, but it’s now fast and can spam cruise volleys from range. The ship it has biggest impact on is Raven, I didn’t want two cruise missile ships so have moved Raven to torps. It is now what the Typhoon was trying to be before, but with a decent amount of EHP. Hopefully this means no one bans it now and Torpedos become slightly relevant.

Maelstrom now has 1400mm howitzers. ‘Oh no Bei…’ you are thinking. Just work out how much of a dent in a Drake it will do from anywhere in the arena with one volley and you might stop laughing. The other ship that might make you laugh is the Megathron, let’s just say some ships were re-designed as being a slight buff to red-team options and leave it at that.

Tempest has had a minor buff by me being slightly better at fitting. I think. Hyperion has had a couple of minor nerfs, I still think it’s strong, but probably not broken strong.

Scorpion is now armour. I think this might make it a ban magnet, but with all multi-spectrals I think it can be countered. It has next-to no DPS so will rely on all the ships in your setup operating at max efficiency. My main concern with this is that armour now have one more option than Shield, will see how it plays out.

Two ships that are now much more scary in the field of capacitor warfare are the Dominix and Armageddon. Both have had an extra Neut power added, extra Neut on the Dominix and Nos on the Armageddon, so be afraid, very afraid.

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