60 Seconds with – Nasty Boyz

The logoless winners of the recent EVE_NT Cup, using only a third of their entire roster, are a new team on the Championship circuit. We sat down with Nasty Boyz Team Captain Elden Rin for some quick fire questions.

Was winning the EVE_NT Cup something that you expected, was there much practice involved?

The deadline for the Cup snuck up on us, so we formed our team at the very last minute. As a result, we managed only about a week’s worth of practices before the tournament began. From the outset, I thought that we had a chance to win the Cup, but I didn’t expect it. We knew a lot of good teams had entered the tournament. Moreover, the single-elimination format is very unforgiving. So, even a good team can get derailed by one mistake. With such a small margin for error, you have to temper your expectations. The only expectation I had was that we would place well enough to earn a bid to the EVE_NT Minor League.

You won the EVE_NT Cup without a logo, is there a story behind your new Championship logo?

It is a bit of an inside joke. We have always thought that a monkey or ape would make a good mascot for a team named “Nasty Boyz”. So, our designer, Laz Orti, created a hilarious logo with a big, nasty gorilla in it. During our third match in the Cup, we were the benefactors of a hurricane boundary by Unintended Consequences (apt name, eh?), which ultimately allowed us to win the match. It was as if our spirit animal was looking out for us. After we won the Cup, it seemed appropriate to immortalize the most ridiculous moment of our tournament run. So, Laz altered the logo to have the Nasty Boyz gorilla swatting at a hurricane. That seemed like something a nasty gorilla would do.

What are your ambitions for Nasty Boyz in the Spring 2017 Minor league, can you emulate your cup victory?

We are obviously aiming for a first-place finish and a promotion to the Majors. But achieving those goals is another matter. There are some great teams in the Minors this season; the competition is fierce. We have a lot of work in front of us.

You have played in every match for your team – will this always be the case or are there others on the Nasty Boyz roster who can step up?

We are going to field the best team that we can every match. We are fortunate to have a roster full of players who have a team-first attitude. Everyone works really hard in practice and are able to step up at any moment if need be.

On that note, just how difficult or important do you find the pick/ban phase?

The pick/ban phase is critical. Whole matches can be effectively decided on how the picks/bans go. Consequently, we have spent a lot of time working on our pick/ban strategies.

The prizes for the Spring 2017 Championships have just been announced – how many would you be happy taking away?

As many skins as we can get! My fingers are crossed that CCP will give us raven skins.

Do you watch the other teams match replays in preparation for upcoming matches?

Yes, it is a necessity. As I mentioned earlier, there are many quality teams in the League this year. There is a lot to be learned from how they pick/ban and how they pilot in their matches.

How do you find the use of the community Thunderdome server, as an EVESports platform?

I think it is fantastic. It is a great environment that allows you to focus on what’s most important (e.g., piloting and testing comps) rather than annoying things (e.g., skill points and opsec). Gone are the days on SISI when team captains wept silently at their keyboards because someone could not fly a particular ship or use a particular module or Elise Randolph scanned your ship on a station undock.