60 Seconds with – The Charlatans

Former Minor League team, The Charlatans earned promotion to this season’s Major league. They are an ever improving team currently on a 4 game winning streak, and next weeks games are against the best in the Major league. Team Captain Jose Zampano took some time out from his busy schedule to answer some quick fire questions for us.

Let’s start with that 4 game streak. I already understand you guys practice a LOT! That is quite impressive. How have you been preparing your team for matches?

Hello! For this season, we tried to get as many new people into our roster as possible, which also meant that we needed to practice a lot. Started doing internal practices once a week after the Christmas Holidays, and switched to more serious practices twice a week after we submitted the official team roster. Mix of internal and external practices with other Major and Minor league teams, with most practices lasting around 3-4h.

The stats show your team varies its roster often. Do you think that this will be beneficial in the overall outcome of the league?

Not only do I think it will be beneficial in the league, but we also use the Championship as pilot preparation for the Alliance Tournament later this year, trying to get as many people as possible motivated for eveSports. But apart from that, I like to give everybody in my team roster the chance to fly in a match – the most important thing for me is that all of us have fun flying in the Championship. That way, we are always motivated for both practices and the matches. And it is this motivation and fun we have at flying which helps us prepare for and win the matches.

Your team are currently sitting 3rd in the Major league, next week your 2 matches are against both teams above you. Can you really become giant slayers and stop the Clevergirls rampaging win streak?

Of course we can! Both matches will be hard to win, but I think we can do it. We’ll sure as hell try our best.

IGC Prize SKIN on Raven

(The following question might, or might not be included to justify more SKINS pictures) CCP have shown some of the new IGC SKIN prizes and other hulls that will be on offer for this seasons EVE_NT Championship. How many are you guys after?

As many as we can get! The new skins look really amazing again and it always feels good to see the effort you put into the tournament being rewarded with such great prizes.

As a prize winner in last season’s EVE_NT Championship Minor leagues, how were the prizes distributed amongst the team? Do you have a spreadsheet to calculate shares?

It was easy to calculate last time: We won 20 Skins and had 10 active players on the roster. This time, we will win more skins, and have more active people playing. But we’ll split the skins equally again, each pilot receiving the same amount. As I said above, the main motivations behind our participation aren’t the prizes, it’s the fun that we have playing in those skirmishes! The skins are a really nice bonus on top of that.

What do you consider your favorite ship so far in the Championship?

That one is hard to answer. Personally, I love flying the Armageddon, I just wish it had more neuts fitted. From a strategic point of view, the Ferox is a lovely ship to have in your team. And from an FC perspective, there is nothing as satisfying as having a great Slasher pilot lock down the enemy Hyperion or Rokh, taking it out of the battle completely.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out for anything?

Yeah, I want to give a quick shout-out to my team and alliance members, you are all awesome! Big thank you especially to those who are helping with practices but aren’t actually on the official roster! Additionally, I want to thank Team Pretty (and the PFR AT Team) for all the help with practices and stuff, it has been a blast working and fighting with you! Sorry for beating you last Sunday, but you had that one coming after kicking us out of the AT!