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Currently sitting second in the Championship Spring 2017 Minor League, Exodunks only have 3 more games to play this season. We sat down with Team Captain, Deyze and line member Wasa Qc for a few quick fire questions:

As a new team to the EVE_NT Championship, how do you feel about the format used, compared to Alliance Tournament?

This tournament is heavily favored on 1 side. Your match is dictated by the ref who flips a coin in the background. This tournament could have been better if it was run by anyone from the USTZ. The tournament should already be over and the prizes given to us

Exodunks have some pretty impressive results, including one domination victory in the EVE_NT Cup and now in the Minor league. Will you be aiming for more dominations in your final 3 matches?

The fact that we are the only team to win on red side shows our dominance in the meta. I find it odd that we keep getting red side every time though and have talked to the tournament organizers multiple times about it. We also have horrible ping AND we have to wake up early in the morning. Park that server in Chicago and we win every tournament in this game. The tick system has no place in actual EVE #Esports.

The minor league has some strong teams this season, some you have already played in the EVE_NT Cup. Would you say any stand out as a clear rival to your team?

The only opponent we have is ourselves. Internal practices are by far the hardest matches we will ever have in our illustrious time as a team. Since we have no rival to push us, we Deyze and Wasa Qc, are announcing this today. “The Alliance known as Exodus will put forward multiple teams next season to provide us with some semblance of a challenge.”

On that note, just how high are your expectations of success? Where do you see your team finishing in the league table?

Is there higher than first? We expect to win so hard we will be crowned winners of the major leagues as well. As we speak every major league team is trying to contact us to figure out what they should run this weekend.

You have so far used about 75% of your teams roster. Will every single player get to play, or do you pick the best pilots for the job at the time?

Whoever wakes up at 5 am in the morning for this god forsaken EUTZ tournament gets to fly. Here in America, the greatest country in the world, we value our time on Sundays. People who show up for the matches are risking damming their soul to hell for all eternity for missing church. Also unless you are a Sudden Death member, you are not flying.

You are a well respected and accomplished Alliance Tournament team and doubtless will take another shot at top 4, if you were CCP, what one thing would change about the tournament compared to last year?

CCP Rise(formally known as Kil2) would run the entire thing. When commentating he will wear a top with a plunging neckline and will not be allowed to shave at least 6 days in advance. The studio will be keep at a moderate 102° to make him sweat. High-Grade Snakes will be allowed only to pilots who fit 5 speed mods to their ship. Exodus will then be allowed to have offgrid links the entire tournament.

Anyone you would like to give a shout-out to for any reason?

Kil2, #blamewasa, Potter’s Mom, Jalep’s Mom, our Afterlife spies and everyone in Black Rise and Placid for being the best PvPers this euro trash game has to offer.



Exodunks out!

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