60 seconds with – Clevergirls

Arguably one of the best teams participating in the EVE_NT Championships, Clevergirls team Captain Catatonic Dawn requested graciously to be the next team to complete this interview. We shooed the rest of the teams out of the way to come up with some clever questions. He is joined by his co-captain Taston Thorne.

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your team name?

We started as a group that did small-gang in Horde and were big fans of the AT and Collides. Fight Club was our entrance onto the EVE e-sports scene and we’ve taken it from there. We’re honoured to be counted amongst the best competitive teams active in EVE_NT at the moment.



The team name came from the Horde evac of Cloud Ring. Midway through the State of the Goonion, with Horde halfway to our new home already, Mittens was informed we’d salted the earth on our way out by switching our vulnerability window to AUTZ. All he could say was “Clever girls”, as close to a thousand CFC pilots sat and twiddled their thumbs in our staging with nothing to reinforce. It became a Horde meme, all but lost now.

Your team were on a massive win streak of 6 games, and The Charlatans ended that run last week. Your response in your next match was to come out and dominate. Was morale an issue at all in this situation?

We’ve a history of starting badly and coming out ahead (lost our first match in both Fightclub and the previous season), so we don’t let this get us down. This is our strongest start in a season so we’re pretty happy.

Are The Charlatans now off your Christmas card list?

Nah. Jose and the rest of the team have been super strong in scrims beating us more often than not; they deserved the win.

Your team seems to have more technical/difficult matches when it comes to underdog teams. Do you take these games more recklessly, or do you experiment with the meta in these matches?

Not at all, experimentation is for practices. Charlatans may have looked like an underdog but they’ve been kicking us around Thunderdome in scrims and we knew that was going to be one of our hardest matches. We try and bring our A-game for every match.

Perhaps showing some bias here, your team logo is very good. Is there a story behind the new team logo?

We felt we needed to polish our image and it was overdue an update. Our old logo was based on that of Pandemic Horde, which despite having been where we all met is no longer our defining factor. The team includes pilots from Waffles, PL, Bikini Bottom Ultras and Mouth Trumpet Cavalry. At the time an artist named Ahmad Keramat had been putting out some impressive artwork on r/eve, so we put our heads together and after a few drafts we settled on the current logo, which we like to think personifies our attitude and dedication to the EVE-sport scene. There’s still a nod to our origins on the helmet.

Of all the teams in the EVE_NT Arena, you have used the fewest players from your roster – it is almost always the same pilots participating – do you think this contributes to your success rate?

Yes, I think so. This is the third season we’ve played with the same starting five. Having experience flying together in this tournament format works in our favour. The five of us click together and each of us know where we need to be, and when we need to be there.

How do you guys work out the fair share of the prizes that your team expect to get?

Skins are distributed between the full roster, based on how many scrims they attend. We scrim regularly, sometimes 2-3 times a week. The majority of the roster attend some or all of these. The amount of time spent practicing goes a long way to how well we do, so this rewards those who are consistently showing up.

What are your favourite ship hulls and least favourite from this seasons available hulls?

Favourite hulls are definitely those we won fight club with: Apocalypse, Oracle, Exequror, Algos, Punisher. Ask again after this season is over and we might tell you our least favourite.

Would you like to see any new hulls in future Championships?

We don’t think so. We have been enjoying the format as it currently is and can’t see any additional hulls improving this, given the balancing challenges it already presents.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to for any reason?

Shout out to the half of our roster that doesn’t play in the matches. Their dedication is the reason we’re able to scrim as frequently as we do.