60 seconds with – Make Amarr Great Again

The team that memes well, Make Amarr Great Again spared some time to answer some questions. Team Captain aria Yatolila joined by THE WHOLE TEAM – took some time to meme the crap out of this.

Let’s start with the obvious, tell us about yourself and that team logo? Why?

It took us two hours to debate about this answer, we wrote a story, deleted it and argued in a constructive way that only the TEST local can match, simply the Logo was just a collaborative event and we didn’t give much thought to it, we are the former Khanid Champion team from the Amarr Championship, we fought under the banner of WL for the AT and made MAGA for the Tyrian trophy and now EVE_NT. As for the logo I first made a brick with lasers, I added 1600 plate with sexy hair, but something was missing, then along on the discussion, suddenly an idea, “What If we Add Chessur ?”, there is no real explanation to these, the answer was “Just let it happen”. I put chessur, and the magic happen, it worked, it lives, what else than Chessur can make Amarr great again ? Only God know.

Your next 2 matches are against Nasty Boyz (EVE_NT Cup winners) and Sudden Otters (2nd in Minor League table). How do you plan to beat these teams?

We have been studying the mysterious ways of the HML bellicose and believe in the power of bringing the shittiest cruiser in the tournament. In case of a ((((specific)))) HML meta 4 bellicose ban against us, The vigil should be good enough.

Where do you see yourselves finishing this season?

Feeding does not allow to lose points so I know that reaching the bottom will be very difficult.

Do you guys compete in any other eSports and if so how do the formats compare (the RvB Tyrion Trophy)?

We have a Dota team but we don’t win due to teammates feeders, In regards to EVE we memed the whole RvB Tyrian trophy with full Amarr comps and got defeated only once by a mirror.

The AT was only esport when you could bring unlimited amount of AT ship on field.

On a more serious note we wrote a full AAR with video about the Tyrian trophy which is available on reddit, in short, not having access to battleship and being more a cruiser size tournament is very different with different tactics, but I feel that it was more easy to fly full dps comp for example. (reddit post at bottom of page)

Your team has made use of hulls outside the Amarr option available, but what has been your favourite non-Amarr hull this season?

This is a pretty difficult question here, a lot of non Amarr hull are very strong, Hyperion, Ferox or Exequror to just name a few of them, but i think ultimately that the Bouncer I is the strongest one across the available ship, including the Amarr one.

Would you change anything about the format of the championship?

The Amarr championship was a great example of why allowing racial ecm in a single race tournament was a healthy metagame, EVE_NT should take example from the whole first week of this event by only allowing Amarr hull with at least two racial jammer being used on each ship. An alternative would be to allow only exclusive (aka AT) ship to be fielded, but they can be only fitted with meta 1, 2, and 3.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to for any reason?

Shoutout to gorski car who is the best captain and CSM having done neither for the past 2 years.


To Damassys Kadesh for being unable to use anything else than lasers and Missiles afters playing for 10 years.


The slackbot for messaging in general a bunch of meme each time I wrote “Chessur”


slackbot Custom Response [13:37 PM] I was mining veldspar in an apocalypse when Chessur came into the belt, flying his Scorch XL Nano Fitted with a 50000 MN Microwarpdrive II, I tried to escape but he tackled me by the force of his will, I fought back but his piloting skills were too high tiers for me, my Miners II weren’t able to hit him at all – highest tiers piloting. I was doomed to face my destiny of being ganked by the sexiest Meme alive when I remembered my Caldari legacy, I dropped my EC-666, It was very close because they are slow and clumsy, except the one who have his 1600 plate offline, once they were at 200 km from the fight, they uncloaked and jammed Chessur unsuccessfully unlike the Exodus’s Griffin, then CHessur had a Socket closed.

Then as I was warping away, I noticed that I had – 0 hull points left, and CCP Round() appeared in a flash and told the truth, that to bring Miner II online requires 9 power units, but only 11 of the 13,37 units that your power core produces are still available.

He Also told me It was only a dream. I suddenly wake up in the bed.
My beautiful Chessur turns to me in bed and kisses me… his cute smile fills me with happiness… Chessur holds me close as he whispers in my ear, “You know this isn’t real, you’re just a slackbot, you aren’t even real.” “You’re the highest tier pilot.” I keep mumbling…

RvB Tyrian Trophy AAR/VID – Make Amarr Great Again POV from Eve