120 seconds with – The Other Team

Major League veterans and now 2 time season winners, The Other Team have sat down with us to an extended interview. The Championship still has one week to play, but no one can threaten their position. We were joined by renowned Team Captain Hoodie Mafia.

Congratulations! How does it feel to be the winners of your second EVE_NT Major League Championship?

We worked really hard this season and invested a lot of time into it, so it feels awesome to know that it was time well spent. I think everyone on the team is very happy with it

What do you feel was your biggest theorycrafting challenge in the whole tournament?

Re-discovering the meta after the changes Bei made to the fits and the inclusion of the links to the tournament. We sort of picked it up where we left last season but quickly realised things were very different and that even small fitting changes can have a huge impact on how you ban effectively.


Other than that it was to attempt to stay 1 step ahead of our opponents, and having to test what felt like endless possibilities to figure out what our opponents were going to do

Bei Artjay said you were practicing 3-4 times a week but we all know he believes anything anyone tells him. How many times did you really practice?

We practiced 2 times per week vs teams from the Minors and Major league, we have a rather small team that is split between EU and US timezone so weekday practices are normally out of the question for us. We did hold regular theorycrafting sessions when the time zones allowed it

How often have you won as being Red team?

After our 6th game we are evenly split 3 red 3 blue, so that gives us 3 red wins. We did pick blue whenever given the opportunity though, since we felt that blue is a bit easier to do and requires less banning preparation. In the end we felt that the color we got should not impact our match results, and it didn’t

Do you guys participate in any other eSports and how do you feel the formats compare?

All of us have had some Alliance Tournament experience, and some are AT veterans. Compared to the AT this format is easier get into and requires less time commitment, but allows for a greater level of control through piloting due to being limited to 5 people.

Both tournaments reward practice and dedication, and we feel that they work perfectly next to each other

This seasons main prize is the IGC skin for the Raven. What ship hull would you like to see in the IGC Skin next season?

The Hyperion for sure

Do you have a system for distributing the prizes among your very small team?

Everyone that makes it on the team gets whatever they put into it, we don’t look at how many matches a pilot has played in but rather how many training sessions he attended and how much he has contributed to theorycrafting. This ensures that if you commit a lot of time to it you will get rewarded for it, even if you weren’t picked to fly in some matches

Just how ISK rich have you (guys) become through playing exclusively in eSports related activities?

We aren’t into the tournament scene for the ISK, but for the thrill of winning and overcoming challenges. Most importantly we simply very much enjoy the balanced field pvp in eve where player skill and teamwork makes a massive difference



The reward is certainly nice though, and some of us have been able to afford some more luxurious things by selling the prizes

What has been your favorite hull from the tournament so far, and are there any that you would change?

It has to be the Ferox, and I don’t think that surprises anyone. We feel that the Ferox is the ultimate Battlecruiser in terms of dps, projection and tank. On top of that it is the only viable skirmish link ship and still has some tackle fitted to deal with small pesky ships or hold something down.


We think pretty much all of the fitting decisions were great because it forced you to think in terms of what the ship and the given fitting can do. You might see the Armageddon as a very dominant ship but fitting restrictions might make it less ideal and you have to look at other ships that are tailored for the job



If we were to change anything it would be the banning order, some ships and ship classes saw (nearly) no play because they are underwhelming compared to their counterparts. Examples of this are dps cruiser vs logi cruiser or AB frigate vs ewar frigate (except the Griffin).

Changing the ban order allows these to be used as counter picks and would allow for even more theorycrafting

Looking ahead to your final match, one must assume you won’t fall at the final hurdle, and will remain undefeated this season. Phalanx have not had a good run of luck lately. How certain of victory are you?

We try not to underestimate any opponent, mistakes are made easily and what looks like an easy win can become a quick defeat if you get too cocky.

Our closest game so far has been vs Provi-ShotZ which statistically is not the strongest team in the league. We underestimated the Kestrel and while it might not have looked that close on the stream we nearly lost due to our Rokh being pinned down by it. Luckily for us we were able to recover and take out their Tempest instead
So while I think we are clearly the favorites and we think we can win we will give Phalanx the respect they deserve.

If we still had EVE-BET what kind of odds would you get on your victory?

Eve-bet we miss you!
We think taking eve-bet away was a huge viewer and prestige loss for anyone participating on these tournaments. Its a shame theres not even an alternative presented by ccp after taking a whole style of game away from us

What do you think of the Exodunks claim they will win so hard this weekend they’ll win both leagues? (link citation)

You can’t say those things and then lose a match right after, at least go 7-0 in the Minor leagues before you make any statements like that.


But really we know they were trolling. We welcome them to the next Major league season and let’s find out how good they really are. Playtime is over

Through this whole season you have only gave up 9 ship points. Which ship in your team has the most kill marks? (Screenshots or it didn’t happen)

The Rokh Tzuko1 flew 3 matches with – 9 Killmarks 3 per match!

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout-out to for any reason?

The EVE_NT staff and in particular Bei Artjay for designing and hosting an amazing tournament
Shout-out to the color red, we feel red has been getting bashed on by everyone for no good reason and we sympathize with it