Leagues + Tournaments

You can play in leagues on EVE Arena - which can be seeded from our tournaments. The leagues run in seasons, finalizing with a champions tournament*.

Tournament Scaling

Large scale tournaments require complex rule sets and settings to be applied. The largest tournaments will be for our most established rule sets.

Project Staff

The staff behind this project are all EVE Online players and fans. You will know them from around the community or from previous events and tournaments.

"Pipedream is to have a season in the run up to Alliance Tournament"

~ Bei Artjay

EVE_NT Arena is a new platform for eSports in EVE Online - EVEsports. Using the community Thunderdome server, we are able to control the environment and offer competitive play in leagues and tournaments.

Project aims

  • Create a competitive PvP environment for all interested pilots. The Arena will track players progress outside of the game client.
  • Work exclusively with the Thunderdome Community event server to control the events settings/rules.
  • Players stats and records will always be tracked over all leagues and tournaments participating on the Arena.
  • ELO rating system to players and teams.

Stretch goals:

  • Player hosted leagues and tournaments available to all Arena users.(*)
  • Matchmaking: a popular request, leagues that will automatically set matches for players/teams based on ratings. Made easier when we have a tracked record of players history in the Arena.
  • Multiple platform support (PC, VR, Console)

The Future of EVEsports

Building upon extensive experience with the Thunderdome server tools, together with EVE_NT we bring you EVE_NT Arena: Thunderdome eSports.

Thunderdome is a new addition to the EVE Online universe, built by CCP for tournaments and events - including those designed by the community.


The tournaments that we are familiar with EVE_NT organizing, such as Collides and Championship, will continue to operate on the Thunderdome server.


Nashh Kadavr


Nashh Kadavr


Bei Artjay


Bei Artjay


Elise Randolph


Elise Randolph


Jason Quixos


Jason Quixos