Anger Games Rules


Tournament will feature a non-seeded double elimination bracket
We might have a qualifying on SiSi if more than 24 teams sign up
If a team loses a game in the main bracket it falls into the losers bracket.
The winner of the losers bracket will play against the winner of the regular bracket at the end
The winner of the losers bracket has to win twice in the finale to become champion. The winner of the regular bracket only has to win once (in the finale)


Although only up to 7 pilots are allowed ongrid during the match, you can submit up to 21 Characters for access to the Thunderdome Server. You can choose who will play freely, though you have to be done with switching fleet members 10 minutes before the match, with only up to 7 pilots in fleet. Teams can consist of players from every alliance invited to the tournament. For special snowflakes please talk to Sothrasil.

Match rules

– Matches will take place on Thunderdome (the AT servers)

– The designated captains will be added to the match as fleet bosses, unless the referee is notified of a different fleet boss no later than 10 minutes before the start of the match.

– Teams should be docked, in station, and in a fleet 15 minutes prior to match time with a tournament legal setup. The referee will warn the captain of any illegal items or ships found as long as time permits. Teams that are not ready and in legal ships with legal equipment by 5 minutes prior to match start time will be disqualified.

– Teams will be teleported to the beacon of choice in their match system by a referee. There are 4 beacons for each team, A through D, which forms a cube with the battle Arena in the center.

– The center of the field will be marked by a beacon called “Battle Arena”

– Before the start of the match, the teams will be given a 20 second window to initiate warp to the battle arena at a distance between 0 and 50kms. Failing to warp in time might end in a point loss or exclusion from the match. Warping at a higher range might also end in a point loss.

– Each Match lasts 10 minutes, and the 30 second countdown to start the match will be initiated as soon as the teams have settled out of warp. If the match is undecided after 10 minutes, it will go into a 5 minute overtime, with gamespeed increasing incrementally, so called “negative TiDi”.

– Grid size is 125km from the beacon. Anyone going further away will be automatically explodarized by the server and count as a loss towards his/her team.


Team Setup

– Each team consists of 7 players

– A Team can consist of players from different Corps and Alliances. For now there are no limitations to who can play together

– each Player may only be part of 1 team and only participate in the team they have registered with

– Every team must choose a unique name to be identified by, since we may have multiple teams per Alliance

– Teams may field no more than 1 of a given ship.

– Teams may field no more than 1 logistics cruiser, or 1 tech one support cruiser, or 2 T1/T2 logistics/support frigates in each match.

– special edition ships are banned

The current list of unique special edition ships includes:

Apocalypse Imperial Issue, Armageddon Imperial Issue, Megathron Federate Issue, Raven State Issue, Tempest Tribal Issue, Guardian-Vexor, Mimir, Adrestia, Vangel, Etana, Moracha, Chameleon, Fiend, Rabisu, Stratios Emergency Responder, Gold Magnate, Silver Magnate, Freki, Utu, Malice, Cambion, Chremoas, Whiptail, Imp, Caedes

– The Nestor is NOT allowed.

Ship Points

Each team has 75 points with which to select their ships.

– Ship point values are as follows. Ship types not listed in the table are not allowed.

  • Battleship, Pirate Faction – 21
  • Marauder – 21
  • Battleship, Navy Faction – 19
  • Black Ops Battleship – 19
  • Battleship – 18
  • Command Ship – 18
  • Strategic Cruiser – 18
  • Logistics Cruiser – 15
  • Recon Ship – 13
  • Battlecruiser, Navy Faction – 13
  • Heavy Interdictor – 13
  • Battlecruiser (including the Gnosis) – 12
  • Heavy Assault Cruiser – 12
  • Tech 1 Support Cruiser – 11
  • Cruiser, Pirate Faction – 11
  • Cruiser, Navy Faction – 9
  • Tactical Destroyer – 6
  • Command Destroyer – 6
  • Cruiser – 5
  • Electronic Attack Frigate – 5
  • Logistics Frigate – 5
  • Frigate, Pirate Faction – 4
  • Assault Frigate – 4
  • Covert Ops Ship – 4
  • Interdictor – 4
  • Frigate, Navy Faction (including Navy Disruption (ewar) Frigates) – 3
  • Tech 1 Disruption (ewar) Frigate – 3
  • Stealth Bomber – 3
  • Interceptor – 3
  • Destroyer – 3
  • Tech 1 Industrial Ships – 2
  • Frigate – 2
  • Rookie Ship, Pirate Faction – 2
  • Rookie Ship – 1
  • No Ship (Capsule) – 0

Fitting restrictions

All T1 and T2 modules are allowed, with the following exceptions:

All Remote Armor Repair modules and Remote Shield Transfer modules are NOT allowed, EXCEPT on ONE of: A Logistics Ship, a Strategic Cruiser, a Tech 1 Support Cruiser; or on up to TWO Tech 2 Logistics Frigates or Tech 1 Support Frigates
A combination of T1 and T2 repair frigates is allowed if desired (so ONE T2 logistics frigate alongside ONE T1 support frigate is allowed)

  • The Ancillary Shield Boost module will be restricted to a maximum of one per ship.
  • Warp Disruption Field Generators are restricted to a maximum of one per ship
  • Micro-jump field generators are NOT allowed
  • Remote Capacitor Transmitters are NOT allowed
  • The Bastion Module is NOT allowed
  • Cloaking devices are NOT allowed
  • Target Spectrum Breakers are NOT allowed
  • Faction, COSMOS, deadspace and officer modules are NOT allowed
  • All Rigs are allowed (T1 and T2)

Cap Boosters are allowed.

Micro-jump drives are allowed.

Polarized weapons are allowed.

Stasis Grapplers are allowed.

All T1 and T2 ammunition, missiles and charges are allowed, with the following exception:

Remote Sensor Dampener and Weapon Disruptor Scripts are NOT allowed

Pirate Faction ammunition is NOT allowed.

Navy Faction ammunition, missiles and capacitor boosters are allowed.

Only standard T1 (Tech One) drones and sentry drones are allowed. This means that T2, faction, augmented and integrated drones are NOT allowed. This applies to ALL kind of drones!

The Gecko is NOT allowed.
ECM drones are allowed

Implants: Only EE-603 and EG-603 (3% powergrid/CPU) are allowed. All other implants are banned.

Boosters (drugs) are NOT allowed.


Currently no plans to include the flagship rules


Banning of ships will occur before all matches.

Team captains must be online and available to conduct ship bans 45 minutes before the start of each match. At 44 minutes before each match if the captain is unavailable their team’s bans are forfeit.

If someone else than the team captain is to perform ship bans the referee managing their game has to be made aware at least 45 minutes before their game is set.

Each team gets two bans.

The way the banning phase works is as follows:

The team which starts the banning phase is decided randomly.

All ships that are eligible for competition are eligible for banning.

Bans are done in 1 – 2 – 1 order. For example: Team A will take the first ban, Team B will take the second and third ban, and Team A will finish the banning phase with the fourth ban.

Each ban has a time limit of one minute; if no ship is selected within that timeframe the ban is forfeit.
Once the bans start, a drop down menu will appear where you select the ship to ban. You can type the name of the ship to speed up the process.
Please be aware that banning a ship will not remove it from the list. Selecting the same ship type twice is a wasted ban.
Each ban targets a specific ship type and not a ship class or other hull. For example, banning the Harpy would not exclude the Hawk or frigates in general.
Teams should endeavor to have multiple ship setups available as bans may impact your primary team setup. No additional time will be given if teams do not have eligible ships available.
All bans apply to both teams equally.

Victory Conditions

During a match, a team scores points for each enemy ship it kills, equal to the tournament points value of that ship. The team that has scored the most points at the conclusion of the match, or that destroys the entire opposing team, is the winner.

If a team chooses to field less than 75 points, non-fielded points count towards the opponent’s score.

Thunderdome Match Procedure

Ship Bans will happen 45 minutes before the match starts. See section “Bans” for details
Referees will begin setting up the match 15 minutes prior to the start of the match – if the team captain does not take part of the match he has to provide the character ID of the fleet Boss.Referee will alert the fleet bosses to any illegal items/ships and allow the opportunity for it to be corrected up to the

Referee will alert the fleet bosses to any illegal items/ships and allow the opportunity for it to be corrected up to the 5 minute deadline. (The tournament tool is designed such that it automatically enforces the rules of the tournament, providing comprehensive screening of ships, fittings, ammo, drones, cargo, implants, boosters, and fleet composition, Officials are warned of any anomalies as part of the setup process – all such errors have to be corrected before the teams can be teleported to the arena, so it is to your advantage to be ready as early as possible.).

Teams must be completely ready 5 minutes prior to the start of the match, in a fleet, in their legal ships, with legal fitting and cargo, docked in a station of their choosing. Any changes, even the most trivial of changes such as changing Ammo between this point and the start of the match may introduce delays as the tournament tool is designed to screen for, and require manual referee review of last-second changes.Teams will be teleported to a beacon of their choice (A through D) ~make picture of beacon setup~

Teams will be teleported to a beacon of their choice (A through D) ~make picture of beacon setup~
At the start of the match, warping will be unlocked and teams will then be instructed to warp themselves to the BATTLE ARENA beacon on their overview at range of 0-50km.The referee will then disable

The referee will then disable warping 20 seconds after the command to warp is given to the captains.
As soon as all ships have settled out of warp, the 30 second autostart sequence will be initiated, and the fight will begin automatically. The timer will count down in local chat.