About Anger Games

The second Anger Games tournament hosted by The Imperium and Imperium News will take place on Saturday April 22nd, in a double elimination format. EVE_NT Arena shall be hosting the tournament brackets.

Registration for the tournament runs from now through March 20th, with teams having until April 5th to finalize their rosters and pay tournament fees. This tournament is being run as an invitational event as we try to figure out how best to exclude “professional” teams that already have months of tournament practice and extensive experience with the Alliance Tournament.

A few spots will be available depending on the response from invitees. If you are interested in participating with a team of your own, please contact Sothrasil via EVE Mail or the INN Discord. Remember that we’re trying to avoid “professional” teams – if you or your alliance have recently been part of other major tournaments, you are unlikely to get in.

Current invitees include teams from Imperium alliances, Querious Fight Club, Provibloc, Stainwagon and the Red Menace coalition.

If you’re part of a professional AT team and would still like to take part in this project, know that we’re also looking for more commentators and referees! So far the list of commentators for the INN stream includes:
Moomin Amatin – GSF Director
Jin’taan – CSM Member
Gommel Nox – INN Streamer

This marks the 2nd tournament organized by Sothrasil and streamed by INN. Last time Asher Elias pulled off an overtime win in 750% reverse tidi with his Reavers team against team “Space Violence” led by Zazad Antollare, who had been pushed into the tournament by Sothrasil after their original team leader won eve. Blade Gondolin and his team “V4DER” scored 3rd place against famous Titan-jump-instead-of-bridger DaBigRedBoat’s “Bomberwaffe”.