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ATXV Feeder rounds on EVE_NT Arena

It’s almost time, EVE sports fans, the pinnacle of the EVE sports calendar, the Alliance Tournament is launching soon. This year CCP will be holding feeder rounds on the community Thunderdome server, and we are publishing results on EVE_NT Arena.

On June 10th and 11th, a total of 56 teams will battle through the feeder rounds attempting to enter the full ATXV brackets. Now, with less than 2 weeks to go, Thunderdome has been opened for teams to practice as of Saturday May 27th. If you are a participant please bear the following important information in mind about Thunderdome access.

EVE_NT Arena Coverage

The feeder brackets have been set up in the EVE_NT Arena, in which we will aim to cover every single preliminary match result. As it stands just now, there will be 2 Arenas active in Thunderdome and we will be streaming the action from one of them over at While we shall endeavor to get every match VOD added to each match result, the priority for us will be recording the team setups and match results.

Normally we would do this by assigning a hull to a rostered player, which we would register manualy on the website, but for the Alliance Tournament, we will be using 2 generic rosters for every single team. These rosters will enable us to capture the team setups alongside the match results – so competitors can review a nice chunk of the early meta.

ATXV Preliminary Brackets

This won’t be like any regular event or bracket on the EVE_NT Arena website and the tournament brackets have been customised to try and better explain the outcomes of the matches. CCP have announced the feeder rounds will follow this format:

  • Round 1: 56 teams, with the 28 teams that win progressing to the Alliance Tournament
  • Round 2: 28 teams, with the 14 teams that lose being eliminated
  • Round 3: 14 teams, with the 6 teams that lose being eliminated (2 teams will receive a bye)
  • Round 4: 8 teams, with the 4 teams that win progressing to the Alliance Tournament

The round of 56 will be completed on June 10th, with all remaining matches being played out on June 11th. The byes in round 3 will be awarded to the two remaining teams with the highest average points difference across their previous matches.

Our brackets for these feeder matches will span over multiple tournament brackets, with round 1 already set up; in round 1, teams only require a single win to go into the ATXV brackets. The teams that lose will go into a grueling bracket in which they have to win 3 matches to enter the ATXV bracket.

Round 2 ATXV feeder matches will be taking place on June 11th on a new tournament bracket on EVE_NT Arena – we will have the schedule available after round 1 is completed on June 10th.

Seeding for the feeder tournament will be randomized, and CCP will announce the draw soon. When the schedules are announced we shall start to fill the brackets up and create a schedule page on the EVE_NT Arena website.

Good luck teams, see you in Thunderdome! In the meantime check out Mawderators new podcast, In Mawderation.

Exclusive: Captains PoV video

The Charlatans team Captain Jose Zampano let us share this internal recording of the very entertaining Major League match Charlatans Vs. Clevergirls.  A close fought match and The Charlatans managed an awesome feat of giant slaying and stopped the Clevergirls 6 game winning streak.

Watch as he burns out his grapple and nearly costs them the match. You can watch the “Spectator” version of the match here: