Championship 2016


Tournament Director

Elise Randolph

EVE-NT ARENA matches shall be broadcast by the team that brought ATXIV to life with a slick professional stream. The league will run as a weekly episode with matches broadcast live at a regular weekly slot.

The format of the show shall follow that of the ATXIV broadcasts you are already familiar with, commentators, pre/post analysts shows, alliance adverts, and of course, ship explosions. Live data will be fed into the studio of teams recent performances, rosters of players, losing streaks, and success rates.



Tournament format

The tournament is split into two leagues, provisionally called the Major League and the Minor League.  Points will be scored for each match and the total points at the end of the season will determine your teams final ranking. At the end of the season teams will be offered as spot in the following season/league determined by where they placed.

Ships for both leagues will be pre-fitted and teams will need to field 1 of each of the following classes; Battleship, Battlecruiser, Cruiser, Destroyer, Frigate. We have chosen this format to find the right balance between participant and viewer pleasure. Exact fittings will be available on the website closer to the tournament start-date and subject to change, based on changing mechanics and statistics

To compensate for the removed complexity for the captains , we will be using a banning tool that will be ready for viewing and testing this summer. Expect this to be smooth in terms of management but taxing on your tactical skills and knowledge of the ships available.

Team Format

The invites for teams will go through a captain specifically rather than being tied to an alliance or corporation. This also means that teams can be made up of pilots not in a specific alliance or corporation. Teams will need a minimum of 10 pilots on their roster with a maximum of 15. Pilots cannot fly in another team in either league. At the seasons break-point we will allow a ‘transfer’ weekend in which teams are allowed to swap up to 5 pilot, either with other teams or pilots not currently playing in either league.

Season length**

This season will span over 6 episodes broadcast on consecutive Sundays, starting on the 6th of November (skipping the 27th).