EVE_NT Cup Rules

EVE_NT Cup Rules are very similar to the EVE_NT Championship Rules, the only difference being the format of the competition, what happens in the arena is the same.

Team Composition

Team Captains must submit rosters of a minimum of 8 pilots and maximum of 15.

First important rule! – Yes, players can come from any alliance/corp in EVE. This includes NPC organisations. You don’t have to like each other or even know eachother that well but we advise team captains to pick carefully so that you trust your players will show up on time and not let you down. Also note, you will need an active TQ omega clone.
Second important rule! – Your team cannot match a corporation or alliance name from TQ, come up with something original. You are welcome to pick a name that implies you are from a certain alliance, with permission from that Alliances executor. All names will need approval on application.
Third important rule! – Players from the previous Minor/Major league season may not compete in the subsequent Cup unless they are relegated from the previous season. This is to encourage new blood to come into the leagues.


This tournament will be run on the Thunderdome community server. Accounts of registered players will be given access by CCP for the duration of the tournament. You will be able to spawn items, ships, implants etc. at no cost.


Your accounts on Thunderdome will be clean so you will have to create new characters. To help the commentators and staff involved, please use exact character names precisely as they are registered. Characters will have ‘all level 5 skills’ commands given to them on the Thunderdome server where the tournament will take place, this is to create a level playing field for all players.

When on Thunderdome, your team will need to create a corporation (helpful to have similar name to your team name) to put all of your team members into – this really helps out our streamers.

The Ships

Ship fittings will be supplied on a google-docs document for teams to inspect and train with. Current fittings are found here. All fittings will be finalised before the start of EVE_NT cup, after which they are fixed for the whole tournament. It is intended that the ships are re-balanced between each season in response to the meta.

It will be up to the team captains and their assistants to figure out which ships work together best and what the best reserves are when they are picked/banned away from them. We expect a meta to develop and there be a commonly picked set of ships – this is due to the fact eve online ships are not balanced for tournament play whereas others suit it very well. The true eve online PVP masters will be quickly able to identify which ships are good and which are not!

Barring a couple of exceptions, the ships will be fit using the following guidelines:

  • Ships will only have weapon systems that their hulls have bonuses for (no autocannon Merlins for example)
  • Ships will have some kind of active or buffer tank, if the hulls have tanking bonuses they should match those
  • Ships will have some kind of propulsion module

Players have to use the precise ship fittings provided. Players may use only 3% powergrid or 3% CPU implants as necessary, and no other implants (including mindlinks).

Players are allowed to pick drones and ammunition (including pirate ammo) at their leisure however the following are banned;

  • T2 Damage drones
  • Faction & Pirate drones
  • ECM drones (web, damp, neut & paint drones are allowed)
  • Any dampener or tracking disruption scripts

For clarification T1 & T2 logistics drones ARE allowed.

Note: teams are permitted to re-arrange modules on ships for maximum heat optimisation.

The Banning system

The banning system we have designed is based on a pick-ban system used in many MOBAS. We have researched many types and designed a pick/ban order we feel works best based on the functions of the classes of the eve online T1 ship line.

Pick/bans will be scheduled before matches, then we give you approximately 20-30 min to fit and ready check your ships before moving you to the arena. Not being ready for the pick/ban phase, means a random set of ships will be picked for you, so be ready and on time for your scheduled bans!

Team captains will be given a link to our custom built web-based pick/ban tool specific to the upcoming match . You simply open the link in your browser (not on a phone) and be ready for the pick/bans to start at the scheduled time. Instructions will be given by video, and an opportunity to test the banning system in advance given.

See below for the order in which ships are picked. Please note, the key difference between Fight Club is that if a ship is picked by Team A, Team B may not pick that hull, so there will always be 10 different hulls on grid.

Please note, only one ship with bonuses to remote repair is allowed per team. For clarification the list of these ships is as follows;


In addition only one ship with bonuses to any electronic warfare is allowed per team. For clarification the list of these ships is as follows;


The pick/ban tool does not currently accommodate the above two rules so be mindful to pick a legal set up, the referees will replace any illegal ships with their own picks!

The pick ban system is as follows –


Red Blue Max Time
Ban Any Hull 45
Ban Any Hull 45
Ban Any Hull 45
Ban Any Hull 45
Pick Frigate 45
Pick Frigate 45
Pick Destroyer 45
Pick Destroyer 45
Pick Cruiser 45
Pick Cruiser 45
Ban Any Hull 45
Ban Any Hull 45
Pick Battlecruiser 45
Pick Battlecruiser 45
Pick Battleship 45
Pick Battleship 45

Please note that for our first season, you will be assigned red/blue at random for each match.

The Arena

The arena will be tournament standard – 125k radius. Players will pick one of four beacons to warp from and enter the arena at anywhere between 0k and 50k. Any player that crosses the 125k boundary will be auto-exploded and count as a kill for the other team.

Please note the arena will not feature AT-style MJD beacons.

Victory conditions

The maximum length of match is 10 minutes. The winning team is one that has scored the most points. Match points are scored for killing enemy ships as follows:

Battleship – 5 points
Battle-cruiser – 4 points
Cruiser – 3 points
Destroyer – 2 points
Frigate – 1 point

The team that scores highest wins the match. Equal match points scored results in a draw.

For the cup – in the case of a draw the team who lost the first ship will be the losing team for that match.

The Cup

The Cup will be a single elimination bracket drawn from the first 32 teams to sign up and pay their deposit. Knockout of the losing quarter finalists will take place to determine which two of those four teams, plus the semi-finalists to be the 6 to be offered spots in the minor league.

For the January 2017 Cup we have 27 teams sign up, which means that four fortunate teams will get a buy-in in the draw to the second round.

We have a PLEX prize pool of 54 to distribute which will be as follows;

1st 12 PLEX
2nd 10 PLEX
3rd 7 PLEX
4th 7 PLEX
5th 5 PLEX
6th 5 PLEX
7th 4 PLEX
8th 4 PLEX
 Total 54