Community Events Server

What is Thunderdome?

Thunderdome is a new Events server. This server is run by the EVE Online Community Team, and is exclusively for use with events from CCP and the community. All EVE Arena matches will take place on the Thunderdome server, with settings locked in for your particular event.

>>Thunderdome tool guide<<

Who can access Thunderdome?

Unlike the test servers, Thunderdome is not a general access server. Accounts are not mirrored over from Tranquility either. Instead, access to Thunderdome is granted on a per-event basis, and only if you’re involved in the event (either organizing or participating). If you are participating, you will generally receive separate account details to access Thunderdome through the event organizer or CCP.

How can I run an event on Thunderdome?

If you’re interested in running an event on Thunderdome, you can mail your plan to [email protected] for consideration. Note that this must be a plan, with things like rules, schedules and other such details. Sending CCP just an idea will result in them asking you try again once you’ve got more details. Additionally, they generally only approve events that are available to the general EVE community.

Events planners

EVE_NT Arena allows organisors to set-up and manage events, from rules to active teams. Tournaments can be seeded from the Leagues, allowing for set schedules such as hosting Arena matches on Thunderdome each weekend.

Player and team stats

Thunderdome will not retain players/teams stats, so EVE Arena records matches reported by the players/teams. These stats will always follow the registered player account on EVE Arena. No API is required. Your user ID on EVE Arena is more important now.

Using EVE Arena with Thunderdome

EVE_NT will be the first to host on EVE Arena for tournaments seeding and event scheduling. If you would like to also use EVE_NT Arena for an event you are planning on Thunderdome we would love to hear about it.


EVE_NT commentators will be live for some of our biggest events and tournaments


Live action direct from the Arena with streamers and even players being allowed to stream their own matches.


Event not in your timezone - any matches recorded will be uploaded and available for replay and tactic stealing.

Team Profiles

As the Arena gathers more teams and skilled players we will provide team profiles and stats for every single registered player.

Form Voltron

Eventually teams will start to bring together the best players, and will be allowed to include any player in their Arena team.

Match Analysis

Post match and event analysis - breaking down all those plays and tactics like never before.

Pre-Season form up

Leagues on EVE_NT Arena will operate in Seasons, with cut-off dates and deadlines. All leagues and events will be made in advance of becoming an "active" event with-in Thunderdome. This means that team captains must set up their teams and enter ASAP if they wish to play. The list of signed up teams and players, along with season details shall be submitted to CCP for Thunderdome access.

Once a season has started there can be no further additions to your roster. We have allowed space for subs, so please use them if you can.

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